Disrupt and Reflect interview with IMPAKT, Utrecht

I was interviewed by curator Nadine Roestenburg for Disrupt and Reflect, a web project by IMPAKT, Centre for Media Culture, Utrecht.

The project borrows media theorist Geert Lovink’s provocation “dopamine is the metaphor of our age” to stimulate discussion of the attention economy. It explores the way that online culture is responsible for overstimulating users while simultaneously selling remedies for this overstimulation such as digital detoxing.

Nadine interviewed nine artists and researchers, asking us to critically and creatively reflect on apparently opposite modes of ‘overdrive’ and ‘nothingness’ behind the internet. I particularly enjoyed the provocative ‘random roulette’, where we were asked cheeky questions such as ‘did you ever think of an email you needed to finish when you were having sex?’

The project includes new online artworks by my previous collaborators Katriona Beales and Gerald Moore and interviews with: Dasha Ilina, Katriona Beales, Pinar Yoldas, Roos Groothuizen, Anxious to Make (Emily & Liat), To Vosh, Vanessa Bartlett, Anna Kappner and Gerald Moore.

Thanks to Nadine and IMPAKT for the invitation to participate.

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