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  1. hey Vanessa!
    our fellow LevelFive performer Amy Webber was living in Bristol at the time, maybe try if she can provide a bed for mid Feb?

  2. Where does the name Forkbeard Fantasy come from?

    Sven Forkbeard was the Viking ruler of parts of England (circa 1000AD) and father of King Canute. Chris was heavily into the Viking sagas when he was a student. Forkbeard’s first show was called “A Forkbeard Fantasy”. There were two characters – Forkbeard (Chris had alot of hair in those days and a forked beard) and the other, Tim, a time-traveller. They were to break themselves out of a sort of time-machine box , as if they had just landed. On this occasion to do the lunch-time slot at The Edinburgh Festival Fringe Club 1974. On the interior of each panel was a depiction of the four stages of their journey. Tim and Chris had a stall on The Mound, selling their original drawings. They never got round to learning the script so they scrapped it and staged a sort of dada event instead. Another outfit called Birkenhead Dada saw this event. Unbeknown to us they planned to disrupt the following day’s performance with their mountaineering equipment. The following year we shared a space at Tollcross School with Birkenhead Dada and a number of other anarchic performers. Forbeard must be one of the few companies ever to be banned from The Fringe. A dead fish was discovered by the headmaster in his lectern, during morning assembly. We protested vehemently! “It wasn’t us guv! “ But to no avail.

    1. Hi Allan,

      Do you know if Birkenhead Dada ever performed in Camden or Lambeth? That’s our focus for the Unfinished Histories project.

  3. Hello Vanessa,
    What you’re doing sounds fabulous. Would you be interested in doing a guest post for my blog, Creating My Odyssey, which chronicles the rebuilding of my polymath creativity and life after recovering completely from thirty years of depression and anxiety? A piece about yourself and what you do would be brilliant. Thank you.

    Jo Hampshire UK

    1. Hi there Jo,
      Sounds like you are doing really great work! I think the role of creativity in recovery is a really interesting territory to research. I’m afraid I’m in the final few months of finishing my PhD though, so I won’t be able to write anything for you at the moment. Maybe sometime in the future?


      1. Vanessa!
        I do so humbly apologise for not seeing this and responding. I have no excuses except that I’m the most disorganised person I know. And yes – if you could do something in the future, that would be fabulous! How’s the PhD going?

        Jo, Hampshire UK
        Creating My Odyssey – Liberating the Real Me After Thirty Years Of Depression and Anxiety http://www.jo-b-creative.blogspot.co.uk

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