State of the Arts Conference @ The Lowry 14th Feb 2012

I’m psyched to be contributing to a ‘live blog‘ that will document (and hopefully critique) this year’s State of the Arts Conference. For anyone who doesn’t know, SOTA is Arts Council England’s annual suited and booted summit, intended to help shape the future of arts funding. I guess they have decided to hold it on St Valentine’s day to emphasize what a romantic prospect this is!

Our ‘live blog’ was given a nice mention in an article about theatre blogging by Matt Trueman in The Guardian this week. I’m happy that we’re being upheld as a positive example of a form of critique that can often be a little bit bland. Full kudos to Andy Field and Hannah Nicklin who have curated the whole enterprise.

I’ll be wading into the debate with a few posts this week… so do keep checking up on the site and leaving us your unrestrained approval…. or total contempt!

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