Bearpits and Landmines launches at Womad Music Festival

I’ve spent most of today playing Anna Best‘s new online game Bearpits and Landmines, which is launching this weekend (27th and 28th July) at Womad. Its a web and phone app with a haunting soundtrack and quirky illustration. The work was made as part of an artist commission by Artlands last year at the newly built Cyclopark in Gravesend. I was producer for some of the performance elements of the project. Anna responded to the themes and questions raised by the biggest Olympic legacy project in Kent, producing a performance and site specific artworks. What I love about Bearpits and Landmines is the fact that it subtly responds to the more dystopian questions raised by the Olympics and the Cyclopark, such the impact on the natural landscape and environment.

The game won’t be to your taste if you’re into fast moving shoot out type games, but I’m pretty sure its less irritating and more engaging than Angry Birds! Here’s some photos that I took at the project’s first outing at the Cyclopark in Gravesend last summer, which I have been meaning to post for ages!

1-300x198 2-300x198

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