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Dr. Vanessa Bartlett is a researcher and curator working between Australia and the UK. She is part of a group of researchers pioneering psychosocial approaches to curatorial practice, revealing new ways that curating can support research into emotion and affect. She is currently focused on exploring how digital art and design can help to illuminate the psychological impact of living in a digital culture.

Vanessa has edited two books for award-winning academic publisher Liverpool University Press (UK), the most recent of which was co-edited with neuroscience researcher Henrietta Bowden Jones (OBE). She has been published in the most esteemed digital arts journals; Digital Creativity, Leonardo and International of Journal of Performance Art and Digital Media, and twice in proceedings of the International Symposium of Electronic Arts. Her exhibitions at major international arts spaces, such as FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology), UNSW Galleries and Furtherfield, have been seen by over 40,000 people internationally and have featured in The Guardian, Creative Review and BBC Radio 4.

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  1. Hello, I’m a Creative/Development Producer-Series Television in Vancouver, B.C., Canada & have always enjoyed your articles. Did you run the half marathon in aid of St.Mungo’s?. I have always been a supporter of art’s for mental health and have put together a group who are in pre production of a Canadian film screening event for this summer in aid of Vancouver Detox and Coastal Mental Health. May I keep you informed on the progress of our film screening event?
    Peter Carr

  2. Hi Vanessa, someone just mentioned you to me and I wondered if you’d be interested in our event in Nottingham 23-27 Feb 2015. Arcintex is a research network for smart textiles, interaction design and architecture, and we’re running a series of workshops and symposium with the theme of mental wellbeing, particualrly through the lens of the Person Centred Approach (attached to an EPSRC project). It’s free and you can register at http://arcintex.hb.se/.
    Best wishes, hope to make it up to FACT, Sarah

  3. Hi Sarah,

    I am sorry that I am only just replying to this. With the exhibition about to go live at FACT I am in the peak of a very busy period! Sadly it wasn’t possible for me to get to this, due to other deadlines etc. However I love that you are using a ‘Personal Centred Approach’ and hope to hear more about your projects in the future

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