Archiving mental health symptoms using new technology @ The Science Museum. Documentation now available

Thank you to everyone who packed out my talks at the Science Museum on the 25th April. We were full to capacity each time and I am sorry if you are one of the people that we had to turn away. I will be doing more public writing and speaking on archiving mental health using new technologies very soon.

Meantime you can listen to me give a version of the talk on SoundCloud by clicking the more button at the end of this post or download a copy of a paper that I produced using material I presented during the talk Archiving Mental Health Using New Technologies. Although please read this with the understanding that it is intended as a micro version of arguments I am working on for my thesis and not a coherent paper in its own right! As ever, your feedback would be appreciated.

Thanks to Rob Bartlett for brow mopping, Chris Warren for proof reading and Erica MacArthur for the fuzzy mobile phone photography.

Press more to read a synopsis of the paper and to listen to the audio

The key objective of this body of research, is to consider how new technologies might provide the tools for authoring alternative perspectives, on the emotional and subjective experience of mental ill health. Primarily it asserts that the practice of writing about first person experiences of mental illness online (for example on a blog or a social networking site) is a therapeutic process. Concurrently, it also suggests that the existence of such online testimonies has the capacity to open up discourses around illness that sit in opposition to the jargonistic and occasionally authoritarian languages of the medical profession, and psychoanalytic practice. Ultimately this research poses wider contextual questions about how good the use of communication technology is for our mental health, and the extent to which we ought to act to preserve and archive digital, web based testimony about emotional distress.

3 thoughts on “Archiving mental health symptoms using new technology @ The Science Museum. Documentation now available

  1. Wow VB, what a powerful, remarkable, contemporarily relevant talk! So many compelling ideas here!

    Would you be willing to reblog this over in iRez? I think it’d be great to have it be a part of our conversation there. No worries if you’d like to keep it homed here, but do LMK if you’re interested.


      1. ok Miss, I just invited you to contribute to iRez – you’ll get an email from – actually you might get 2 since the first one was a mistake 😛

        It sent to the username “vanessabartlett” which is probably your username from when your were blogging on .com

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