George Khut

I would like to invite you to be part of an innovative evaluation of the Group Therapy exhibition – one that seeks to capture the complex emotions created by an exhibition about mental health. Participants are invited to be part of a Visual Matrix, a new technique in arts evaluation. Afterwards they will have the opportunity to meet Lynn Froggett, the psychosocial researcher who created the matrix. This session would suit anyone with an interest in arts and health or innovative forms of arts evaluation.

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Mark Brown @ Dragon Cafe

I’ve been having a great time running a series of events at The Dragon Cafe in South London this month. There is a special atmosphere at this mental health cafe; one of fun and acceptance. There are a lot of recent and current mental health service users who visit the space, but somehow that doesn’t define it. Everyone is just there for a good laugh and some good conversation. Read More →

financial-crisis copy

Those of you who have known me for a few years, will remember when I started a blog on the wonderful AN Artists Talking website, documenting my research into the relationship between art, technology and mental health. Occasionally in my posts I would coyly conjecture that I might one day approach a gallery such as FACT with a proposal for an exhibition on a similar theme. Read More →


I’ve arrived safe and well in Sydney! Currently wandering around the city with my laptop burdened by jetlag, trying to prepare for this symposium that I am contributing to in a couple of weeks. For those of you who don’t know, I’m here to start my PhD at University of New South Wales with supervisor Lizzie Muller. My subject is one that I’ve been nurturing for a while now: links between art, technology and mental wellbeing. Here is a summary of my starting point… Read More →


This time last year (my 30th birthday) I wrote one of those navel-gazing lists about what I’d like to do more of during my next 30 years of life. To my surprise ‘listen to more interesting radio’ was close to the top of the page! Read More →


A review commissioned by this is tomorrow

It seems contradictory for a festival that uses the word ‘Supernow’ as part of its tagline to be preoccupied with documenting its own history. The notion that performance exists only in the present has long been considered an obstacle for the archivist, marking the ‘nowness’ of the practice as one of its enduring artistic and political virtues. Read More →


I’ve spent most of today playing Anna Best‘s new online game Bearpits and Landmines, which is launching this weekend (27th and 28th July) at Womad. Its a web and phone app with a haunting soundtrack and quirky illustration. The work was made as part of an artist commission by Artlands last year at the newly built Cyclopark in Gravesend. I was producer for some of the performance elements of the project. Read More →


I am writing this on my way to the second day of a digital humanities training course at the Working Class Movement Library in Salford. Together with my colleague Ella Paremain, I will be giving a presentation about the digital archival resource that we are currently assembling as part of Unfinished Histories. We are presenting it as a case study in working with volunteers to create accessible web archives.

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