Random bit of Maoist art

I am writing to outline why I am deeply concerned by the decisions made about Federal arts funding in the 2015 Budget, especially the proposed introduction of The National Program for Excellence in the Arts.

Next month I will be celebrating one-year spent living in Australia. I moved here from London, one of the world’s cultural capitals, because I believed it would be exciting and rewarding to live in a country Read More →

The Sackler Conference: Art Design and New Technology for Health

I was nervous about speaking at The Sackler Conference: Art Design and New Technology for Health. Mel Lenz and her team at The V&A had done a sterling job of selecting some of the most exciting folks working in this field, but I couldn’t help but feel that I was perhaps a slight anomaly in my panel. While most arts and health projects are formed to deliver a specific heath outcome for a target group, my work as a curator emphasizes changing cultural perceptions of health and illness; Read More →

Audiences queue for Marina

I’ve been back in Sydney for a week and it seems I have arrived at the same time as a certain Marina Abramović. No prizes for guessing who the art world is more excited about! While I’m not quite at Marina levels of fame here yet, I was part of a team of amazing UNSW researchers who drew a pretty impressive crowd down at Marina Towers (Pier 2/3 Walsh Bay) on Saturday afternoon. Read More →

Art, Design and Health: The Microbial Verdict

I’m currently in London and this weekend I presented as part of a panel at Arebyte Gallery, responding to Zoë Hough’s exhibition The Microbial Verdict: You Live Until You Die. The premise of this speculative design project is the invention of a new pill that can decode when a brain has deteriorated enough for it’s owner to lose their functioning identity and then instigate their subsequent death from the inside – the user lives until they die. Read More →

best artist led gallery spaces in sydney

Recently I asked a friend (and curator at one of Sydney’s biggest art museums) if she could write a list of the best artist led gallery spaces in Sydney. I posed the question originally on behalf of my friend Laura Cooper who is setting up an international artist led initiative in New York and was looking for potential collaborators. Laura had asked me for info on the artist led scene in Sydney and to my shame, in spite of already being here for several months, I had very little knowledge to share. Read More →


Earlier this year I had the pleasure of interviewing Chinese artist Lu Yang, as part of a collaboration with Birmingham based curator Rachel Marsden. The interview went on to form part of the publication for a Lu Yang solo-exhibition titled ANTI-HUMANISM curated by Jakob Kudsk Steensen, which took place in Copenhagen in January. Read More →

Group Therapy book

The Group Therapy exhibition closes on Sunday, but you will still be able to snap up a copy of the Group Therapy book from Amazon or the Liverpool University Press Website. Recommended highlights include the vacuum cleaner’s hilarious and thought provoking essay about gaining access to his medical records Read More →

The Felt Sense Project

The Felt Sense Project is a PhD related study by Claudia Nunez-Pacheco, design researcher at University of Sydney. It blends a fascinating mix of psychotherapeutic theory and design practice, to test more empathetic methods of evaluating the user’s experience of design objects. Read More →


I’m pretty delighted to have received these great new shots from Stephen King Photography that were taken during the Group Therapy exhibition opening weekend. They really help to show off Benjamin Koslowski’s fantastic exhibition design and highlight how much we have mixed different forms and styles of content; artworks, apps, artist research and archival artifacts. Read More →

Practice sharing workshop

Recently I was invited by James Wilkes to attend a practice sharing workshop as part of Hubbub, a research project based at the Hub at Wellcome Collection. It was addressed to practioners who share an interest in collaborating with people from, or making work that interacts with, fields and disciplines beyond arts (including but not limited to neuroscience, psychology, mental health practice, environmental science etc.) Read More →